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About Us - LiquidRage

Are you raging with juice companies lack of flavour? 

We've been there, you find a juice you love, then all of a sudden you open a new bottle, what happened to the flavour? Where did it go?
You try a new juice for the first time and triple purified water has more taste to it!

"Erm... I think I can taste, strawberry?".

It seems UK juice companies love to cut costs, and what's the first eliquid ingredient to be sacrificed? 
That's right, Flavouring!

Well, this is the exact reason why we founded LiquidRage in 2015, with a vision and a promise :
'we are going to make seriously potent flavours!'.

Our mission was set, make interesting and unique flavour combinations from only British ingredients, that outright smack you in the face!

Our unique juices are created in our own state of the art ISO Class 7 cleanroom facility, stringently adhering to the strictest quality and batch controls along with full traceability on every ingredient. This ensures 100% consistency in every order that goes out of the door.

Quality means little if a juice doesn’t deliver the complete vaping experience, and every one of our unique flavours is put through vigorous taste testing using avid vapers from across the country. Their feedback is vital to our success as we firmly believe that every flavour should be an all day vape.

We let the juice do the talking!